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We are so proud to share with you our digital book: AURORA of Our Sustainable Tomorrow, which tells the story of TradeWinds' purpose, plan, the connection which we all have to our great ocean, and the value of renewable energies.

You can download it, read it online.

Raising Our Purpose

Every sustainable effort matters

The need for protecting the great ocean has been our awareness for a long time.

With two decades successfully sharing amazing adventures with our Members and Guests creating Happy Stories in remarkable destinations, the TradeWinds team is focused on developing a sustainable future for the Club, our communities and our planets fragile marine eco-system.

Along with our eco-initiatives, in 2019 our purpose rose higher than any other motivation. We took a difficult yet pivotal decision to not buy any more yachts until new technologies would allow for an innovative, carbon-free yacht based on renewable energies, which would gradually replace our existing fleet and on target to become emission-free.

Business-wise, though we did anticipate this decision would be impactful and, in some ways, difficult; we knew it was the right thing to do.

Our commitment to better our future remained strong, and we are proud to say our progressive and ambitious plans remained right on track!

Taking a leadership role in the yacht community by investing exclusively in environmentally friendly yachts, after just four years in collaboration with our renowned yacht building partner Fountaine Pajot, the vision of our sustainable future sailing luxurious catamarans with autonomous clean energies has come true!

Our brand-new sustainable yachts are introduced to our AQUA experiences in 2023.

100 % electric using wind, renewable solar and hydropower energies, along with hydrogen power technology to prolong autonomy, these news sustainable yachts will revolutionize our luxury vacation experiences with silent, vibration-free, emission-free sailing.

The innovative technology is the ideal solution to enjoy the sea and protect the awe-inspiring marine eco-systems that we cherish, allowing for an even greater luxury vacation with exceptional comfort.

Introducing AURORA

Our FIRST sustainable Electric Yacht announced April 2023

A momentous partnership between TradeWinds and renowned French yacht builder, Fountaine Pajot, the launch of AURORA is a significant milestone for our Members, our Team, and AQUA experiences; the realization of our sustainable future together.


Of Latin origin meaning 'dawn' and the name of a Roman goddess, Aurora awakens the day with bright, renewed energy. Aurora is an illumination of hope, improvement and the wonderful future that awaits in the adventures and happiness we seek.

Furthermore, the natural phenomenon of bright dancing lights called the Aurora Borealis, is the result of energetic electrically charged particles streaming from the sun colliding with air particles as they enter the earth's atmosphere.

The dawn of TradeWinds' sustainable tomorrow is AURORA.

Integrated with renewable energy production and hydrogen powered solutions for emission free sailing, these new technologies greatly enhance our Guests’ experiences by providing more energy for an abundance of comforts and luxuries aboard.

Excitedly, even MORE sustainable yachts will soon be added to TradeWinds' worldwide fleet!


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