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In 2014, a lucky select few TradeWinds' members enjoyed a blissful season in the South Pacific Kingdom of Tonga. With a rich cultural history and a spectacularly diverse cruising ground, Tonga is a must see. Like the soulful songs of the humpback whales who visit these waters annually, Tonga is calling TradeWinds back.

Vava’u is a sailors’ paradise, with deep channels of smooth water winding through steep cliffs and lush green vegetation. Some islands are ringed by white sand beaches while others have tropical forests, sea-level caves, and dramatic limestone cliffs with breathtaking vistas.With one of the deepest sections of ocean in the world (the Tonga Trench) only 30 miles away, the waters teem with an amazing diversity of marine life.

The remote and unspoiled waters around Vava'u are crystal clear, with visibility often exceeding 100 feet. In this most sheltered sailing paradise, most of the islands are uninhabited, although a few have villages and a very few have small unique private island resorts.

The year-round climate makes Vava’u an ideal location for swimming, snorkeling, sailing and diving, and the friendliness and hospitality of the local people will warm your heart.

There’s an indescribable moment when there’s only you, the soft white sand between your toes, and the warm surf that breaks onto the shore. The moment that the sea meets the land and aqua blends with terra, right at your feet. It’s at this moment when you truly come alive, and this is how we describe “AQUA•TERRA”.

TradeWinds has opened up an exclusive South Pacific AQUA•TERRA experience at a boutique private island eco resort, Mandala on Fetoko Island in Vava’u. This experience is guaranteed to truly make your senses come to life!

Fetoko Island, as well as most islands on the eastern side of Vava’u, is a fossilized ancient seabed that has been pushed up from the sea floor over time. The above sea-level land is crystallized coral reef. Fetoko is a sanctuary for those of us who live here, and we invite you to share in this experience. The island urges us to relax, sustain ourselves, and to enjoy. It gives us the opportunity to be aware of our consumption and to be mindful about it. 

Come with us and discover for yourself the beauty, tranquility and unique charm of the "Friendly Islands". "Malo e lelei"- Welcome to the Kingdom of Tonga!  


Due to the unique nature of this destination, the yacht and Mandala island are NOT prepared for young children; this means we are unable to accommodate children under 13 years of age or offer family experiences in Tonga. On private experiences in Tonga, children 13 years of age and older are welcome. On AQUA•TERRA and TERRA shared experiences, guests 16 years of age and older are welcome.

For the Limited Edition Aqua Tonga cruises ONLY (sailing for one week) - Family Charters are accepted.

This destination offers AQUATERRA and TERRA experiences. Read on to find out more.


Stay at Mandala Private Island



Complimentary boat pick-up at and return to Fangifoa Marina on the Fungamisi Waterfront at the Port of Refuge in Neiafu.

A professional host and hostess team on a 7-night all-inclusive stay

Maid and butler service

All meals and beverages served at the resort

Well stocked open bar service and wine list

Full use of all water sports equipment/toys at the resort – kayaks, stand up paddleboards, snorkeling equipment etc

Island hikes and tours to neighbouring islands to explore and enjoy off-road trail rides

A visit to a neighboring island to enjoy a traditional Tongan feast and beach party with a bonfire


Scuba diving for certified divers is charged at $100 per person per dive for Non Members

Crew gratuities

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This was a great week. I’m not normally a terra person but this experience was over the top great. A must do.crew was so accommodating.

says Paul

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